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Serving Northwest Indiana since 1963

     With more then 45 years of experience we are here to clean and press your wardrobe. Whether it's tuxedos, shirts, or blankets. Dunhill Cleaners prides itself on its friendly and professional atmosphere. Care, quality, and value are the key factors every employee considers when taking your items to our presses.

     Stop in today and ask how you can get every 10th shirt cleaned at absolutely no charge!


Announcing a new special from
Dunhill Cleaners!


Get your dresses and suits dry-cleaned
for $8.95 this month!


(Offer expires January 31, 2017)



Join the clean club!
Dry clean often? Join the Pristine clean club and have 9 shirts cleaned, and we will give you the 10th for free!.

First time customer?
Speed up your first visit by filling out this form and bringing it in.


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